Eli Roth

New Eli Roth Thanksgiving Horror Film

The Thanksgiving dinner table is about to get a lot bloodier with the announcement that Jalen Thomas Brooks (Walker) and Nell Verlaque (Big Shot) have signed on to star in Eli Roth’s upcoming horror film, Thanksgiving. The movie originated as a faux trailer in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse …

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Death Game Grindhouse Releasing

Grindhouse Releasing Has News from Eli Roth

Grindhouse Releasing is pleased to host an all new double-feature showing of Peter S. Traynor’s classic 1970s psycho-thriller DEATH GAME and Eli Roth’s KNOCK KNOCK, the modern adaptation it inspired (2015). This special event is taking place at the Esquire Theatre on Saturday, March 26. (320 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati, OH). In promotion …

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