It’s almost time for Eli Roth’s latest exploration of horror history.

According to, a revealing trailer has been released to introduce Eli Roth’s History of Horror, which will debut on AMC+ on Sept. 25 and on AMC on Oct. 1.

Interviews with the first-person storytellers and stars who defined horror films will provide an in-depth look into the history and significance of horror films, under the direction of executive producer Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel).

Rob Zombie, Edgar Wright, Robert Englund, Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Lee Curtis and Robert Englund will all guest star on Season 3.

YouTube video

Apocalyptic horror, holiday horror, sequels, infections and psychics will all be covered by this season.

  • Sequels (That Don’t Suck)–Oct. 1: The goal of this episode is to restore the reputation of cinematic films. Being the best doesn’t mean you have to be the first.
  • Infections–Oct 8. Infections cause us deep anxiety. However, our capacity for survival is also demonstrated in these films.
  • Psychics–Oct 15. We are manipulated by movies about psychics by playing on our ego, but also by exploiting our insecurities. In order to prevent psychic powers from going wrong, we should be aware of our own chaotic minds.
  • Apocalyptic Horror–Oct 22. History has taught us that humans are capable of surviving just about anything, including wars, plagues, famines and even zombie apocalypses.
  • Holiday Horror–Oct 29. According to horror creators, there is a purity about a holiday that waits to be soaked in stage blood. Black Christmas is what comes to mind.
  • Mad Scientists–Nov. 5: Horror films are fascinated by the fear of scientists unleashing even stronger forces that they are unable to control.