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A real haunted museum will be accessible to horror fans without them leaving the comfort of their own home starting in a few weeks.

This new series from discovery+ will premiere on Oct. 2, courtesy of filmmaker Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel). The Haunted Museum takes fans on a tour of Zak Bagans’ haunted collection, in the style of Ghost Adventures.

It is reported that Bagans has amassed thousands of bizarre artifacts in his 30-room mansion/museum in Las Vegas, a collection that consists of “paranormal legends, true crime, Hollywood pop culture and haunted history.” This series of nine horror episodes will feature Roth’s team of writers presenting the frightful items.

Peggy the Doll will be part of these shows, as will Charles Manson’s cursed television, the Demon House staircase, and the infamous Dybbuk Box.

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The series is described by Bagans as “the scariest thing you will ever watch. These items are especially fearsome because of the intense, evil energy they contain. The horror is palpable.”

The statement was accepted by Roth. “Never before have I been involved as a producer in a project this scary,” he recalled. “There has never been a show where you can see a terrifying story and then visit the real cursed object in person.”

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