Carriers a movie about surviving a pandemic emergency

Carriers is a 2009 film created as a survival horror movie.

The film starts out with four friends riding down a empty interstate highway in a stolen Mercedes, spray painted as the road warrior.

They have a plan to travel to deep Florida to wait out the infection until its all clear once again, however nothing goes as planned as they face a turmoil and choices that test their very humanity.

Comparing the movie to the current pandemic situation we can only hope that the world never gets to this point as it would mean a majority of humans would have gone extinct due to viral infection.

We suggest that horror fans who are interested in movies relating to the current world events with cornavirus then this one is much like the film contagion at the latest stage of the pandemic.

So cozy up in your lock down and pop on this film you will more than likely enjoy carriers during the covid-19 isolation events.

The main thing is that if you are living in a part of the world currently on lockdown, please respect the guidelines of your local medical officers and stay inside.

Leave it to us at Horror Facts to find you movies and news on the pandemic to keep you horror movie fans entertained during the covid-19 outbreak.

Stay safe everyone its a very mad world.