Robert Englund talks Coronavirus safety

Robert Englund, mainly known for his major role in the hit horror movie(s) A Nightmare on Elm Street, playing as Freddy Kruger the knife gloved dream killer.

But there is another side to Robert Englund, a human side as with all great horror actors they are intelligent and broad spoken people.

Robert recently posted about the importance of using PPE and being safe during the covid-19 global pandemic wishing everyone good health and to be safe during this terrible time in the world is truly great to hear from Horror legend Freddy Kruger.

Englund joins various on-screen characters and prominent big names who have taken to internet in a pro life stance to advance safe practices as the administration and specialists and medical caretakers around the world put forth a valiant effort to control the spread of the infection while at the same time treating the individuals who have just contracted Covid-19 also known as the Coronavirus.

This nightmare will end. Take care of yourself.

Robert Englund

Englund posted the tweet embedded video shortly before his new upcoming series on the travel network is set to launch a marathon event. True Horror is the name of the show that Robert Englund is hosting

We at Horror Facts also want you to stay safe during this very uncertain time in the world, follow your local governments instructions and stay indoors as much as possible.