Trailer for Tony Todd’s The Lockdown Hauntings

Lockdown Hauntings

Tony Todd stars in The Lockdown Hauntings, which was filmed without crew while under lockdown in the UK. As a division of Alliance Entertainment, Distribution Solutions has announced the release date for The Lockdown Hauntings on digital and On-Demand as well as on DVD November 16, 2021. The world is in lockdown. No one can leave, and no one can visit. Still, there is someone inside your home. You have company. Nobody is invited and … Read The Full Article

Carriers a movie about surviving a pandemic emergency

Carriers is a 2009 film created as a survival horror movie. The film starts out with four friends riding down a empty interstate highway in a stolen Mercedes, spray painted as the road warrior. They have a plan to travel to deep Florida to wait out the infection until its all clear once again, however nothing goes as planned as they face a turmoil and choices that test their very humanity. Comparing the movie to … Read The Full Article