Trailer for Tony Todd’s The Lockdown Hauntings

Tony Todd stars in The Lockdown Hauntings, which was filmed without crew while under lockdown in the UK.

As a division of Alliance Entertainment, Distribution Solutions has announced the release date for The Lockdown Hauntings on digital and On-Demand as well as on DVD November 16, 2021.

The world is in lockdown. No one can leave, and no one can visit. Still, there is someone inside your home. You have company. Nobody is invited and no one is welcome.

With the streets empty of people, nature takes advantage of the unparalleled opportunity. The spirit world is in its natural state. There are some good spirits and some bad spirits. The spirit of a notorious serial killer has returned from the dead. So where do you go when you can’t leave?

When a murderer cannot be seen, how can you stay alive? If a serial killer is already dead, how can you stop them? Howard J. Ford (The Dead II, Never Let Go) directs and writes this paranormal thriller from the UK during the global pandemic lockdown. This thriller is presented by GVN Releasing with horror legend Tony Todd in the lead role. Second Wave of The Lockdown Hauntings 2 is already under development.

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