Shudder Has Released ‘Creepshow’ Season Three

It’s returning to Shudder this week — The Creepshow anthology horror series.

Shudder’s Creepshow has officially begun its third season. Although the series isn’t back as long as we’d hoped, it’s still exciting to have it during the Halloween season. In addition to the usual selection of horror stories, this anthology gives us a few new ones as well to keep us awake at night.

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Featuring chilling scenes featuring haunted dollhouses, werewolves and murderous goblins, 12 new spooky stories will be featured this season, all based on the 1982 movie from George Romero and Stephen King.

There is nothing new about the format. Its inspiration comes from the classic 1950s horror comics that Romero and King read when growing up. Throughout the series, we see comic panels presenting the story as the skeletal Crypt-Keeper introduces it.

Horror Facts


The marble ashtray from the original Creepshow movie can be found in each episode of the series.

Episode List

Mums,” directed by Rusty Cundieff and adapted by Nicotero from Joe Hill’s short story

“Meter Reader,” which Nicotero has said will reference The Exorcist

“The Last Subaraya,” about an art dealer who unleashes a demonic presence from a rare painting

“Queen Bee,” about a pop star who is possessed by aliens

“Drug Traffic,” which stars Michael Rooker as a cop investigating a strange series of killings

Here is how you can watch Creepshow.
Shudder features a frighteningly large collection of thrillers, chillers, suspense films, and slashers, making it an ideal place to stream your fears. Interested users can try Shudder free for 7 days + the service starts at $4.75.