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‘Hellraiser Remake’ New Details Emerge with Female Lead

The hot topic around the Hellraiser Remake has been reported to have taken a huge plunge forward, with questions still remaining, but we did get some answers.

The Hellraiser Remake being released by Spyglass Media is planning on releasing exclusively as a Hulu release. They also have officially cast Odessa A’Zion who is known for Let’s Scare Julie to play the lead role in the film as Riley, citing sources coming from comicbook.com.

The Horror Facts team has put together a small gallery of images of Odessa A’Zion which can be seen below, she could very well be a female hellraiser in the film.

Confusion among fans originates from a report that said the movie producers on the undertaking were searching for a female lead to play ““a gender-swapped Pinhead in a reinvention of the classic antagonist.” That, obviously, makes one wonder: How will that influence the notable exhibition given by Doug Bradley in eight of the 10 Hellraiser films? Is it accurate to say that he is in or out? What kind of character will Pinhead be in the reboot?

Where is Clive Barker in all of this? does Barker have any say in the new entry to the hellraiser universe? He might if they don’t hurry up and release the film as it should be noted that late last year Barker won back his film rights in the U.S. to his 1986 The Hellbound Heart and the screenplay of the original 1987 Hellraiser.

Even with his movie rights attained the legal decision won’t take effect until Dec. 19 2021. The rebooted film would have until then to release on Hulu before Barker could exercise any legal control over the film project.

So whose making this? director David Bruckner (The Night House) with screenwriters Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski–will presumably draw from the original film, written and directed by Barker and produced by Christopher Figg.

This isnt the only Hellraiser Gig in town it seems all the streaming services want a slice of the pinhead pie. HBO Max is planning a Hellraiser series of its own, with Barker on board as executive producer. David Gordon Green (Halloween) will direct several episodes, scripting by Michael Dougherty and Mark Verheiden.

As always check back often on Horror Facts to find out the latest news and details on both upcoming hellraiser movie/tv events.

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  1. I for one am excited for these remakes I say bring them on, even if they don’t pan out its worth a shot isn’t it?

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