The Last Drive-In Season 4 is coming to Shudder

The Last Drive-In Season 4 is green-lit and will make a return to Shudder(AMC Horror Streaming Service).

In the event that you are a devotee of Shudder’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, this news brings extraordinary happiness, alongside the bitterness that accompanies standing by very nearly an entire year.

The renewal of The Last Drive in was confirmed on twitter today, “Season 4 of #TheLastDriveIn was announced this morning by Shudder–they’re gonna set us loose to ruin some more holidays and weekends!”

The Last Drive-in Season 4 with Joe Bob Briggs is an American variety streaming television series created by Joe Bob Briggs, Austin Jennings, and Matt Manjourides for Shudder.

The Last Drive-In Season 4

Briggs was known for hosting Joe Bob’s Drive-in Theater and MonsterVision, and so Shudder decided to have him host a standalone marathon of horror movies of his choosing, however the positive reception exceeded their expectations, resulting in a continued partnership. The series has three seasons, with eight total specials, and more on the way.

The show follows Briggs as he hosts two or more films alongside Darcy the Mail Girl (Diana Prince), with cameos by production designer Yuki Nakamura, music supervisor John Brennan, and the occasional guest(s). The hosted segments include Briggs’ “Drive-in Totals,” as well as fun facts, rants, singing, comedy, interviews, awards, and performances.

While there is no set in stone date for the return of The Last Drive-In Season 4 on Shudder facts are that the show will return to the popular horror streaming platform.

What do you think? will the next season be even better? what movies will Joe Bob play for his viewers on The Last Drive-In Season 4

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  1. I already miss the last drive in so much it reminds me of the good old days when we could drive in to an old crappy horror movie.


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