Official Poster Teases Return of the Mutilator in “The Mutilator 2”

The Mutilator 2, the sequel to the renowned slasher film from 1984, concluded filming during the summer; nevertheless, the official poster for the movie did not come out until just now.

Check out the Ultra HD Poster for the film below!

The Mutilator 2 High Quality Poster

The shooting of the second instalment, which will once again be helmed by Buddy Cooper, has already been wrapped up. Both Ruth Martinez and Bill Hitchcock, who had parts in the last film, will be returning for this one as well in some capacity. Terry Kiser, who appeared in Friday the 13th Part VII, as well as Damian Maffei, who starred in The Strangers: Prey at Night and Haunt, will also be a part of the cast. Both Chaney Morrow and Eva Hamilton, who most recently appeared in “Wrong Turn” and “Ruin Me,” have been added to the cast of this production.