Horror Fans, Get Ready to Bask in the Glorious Darkness of the Blood in the Snow Film Festival

Winter is coming, and you know what that means fiends – it’s time for HorrorFacts.com to once again venture north to bask in the macabre majesty of Canada’s premier celebration of genre cinema, the Blood in the Snow Film Festival. Taking place November 20-25 within the stunning confines of Toronto’s Isabel Bader Theatre, Blood in the Snow 2023 stands ready to drench audiences in the year’s most thrilling selection of provocative Canadian horror.

For 12 years running, this vital wintertime tradition has spotlighted the future of bleeding-edge indie horror while paying tribute to the outsider artistry of underground cinema. As the festival’s mandate states, Blood in the Snow exists to challenge boundaries, explore taboos, and provide a platform for independent genre creators to exhibit their latest nightmares.

From fresh directorial voices to visionary veterans, the lineup annually reflects the pulsing dread-soaked heart of Canada’s indie film scene. And through its passionate creators and community, Blood in the Snow fosters an immersive experience that reminds audiences just how daring, relevant and endlessly exciting the horror genre can be.

So bundle up and join HorrorFacts.com as we bring you expansive coverage of Blood in the Snow Film Festival 2023’s chilling selections and events. Expect in-depth reviews of provocative features and shorts, on-the-scene interviews and stories, and spotlights on the artists who help make this vital festival scream.

The darkness descends November 20th. Don’t miss our extensive festival coverage as we once again worship at the gory altar of Blood in the Snow

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