The Call of Cableulhu

‘The Call of Cableulhu’ Cut The Cords Blood in the Snow Festival

The Call of Cableulhu is a new horror short that’s been making its way to film festivals this year. I recently had a chance to view the film at the Blood in the Snow film festival. For those of you who don’t know about the Blood in the Snow or BITS, it’s an annual horror film event that takes place in Canada, premiering and screening the best horror creations of the year.

Do you really need MORE cables when the pile of old ones in the storage boxes are starting to gain sentience?

Short Film Synopsis

The Call of Cableulhu may seem like a rip-off of the Lovecraft original, but you would be wrong. This film might have been made with a passion for Lovecraft, but it holds its own during its five minutes, offering a humorous and relatable experience while mixing horror.

This short shows a young couple who are definitely into technology, to the point of having boxes and boxes of cables. Hoarding old computer cables, DVD cables, HDMI cables, and so on has become an experience that we have all encountered over the years.

The Call of Cableulhu

But what happens when the term cable monster becomes an absolute monster? ‘The Call of Cableulhu’ is what happens.

Starring Kira Hall and Ryan Couldrey
Written, directed, shot, and cut by Ryan Couldrey with assistance from Kira Hall
Musical Score by Daniela Pinto
Produced by Ryan Couldrey, Kira Hall, and Robin Osmond

It is a comedic horror film that culminates in a spectral cable monster. You will indeed find The Call of Cableulhu to be funny and entertaining.

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