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‘The Monster Upstairs’ Horror Short Reviewed

With its short runtime of two minutes and seven seconds, The Monster Upstairs is among the shorter films at this year’s Blood in the Snow festival. Yet, this film does have a certain appeal due to the mood it depicts in its limited run time.

Inspired by true events, THE MONSTER UPSTAIRS is a short horror film starring Kira Hall, and the monster upstairs…


A woman is awoken in the middle of the night by her partner; she quickly asks the Google home system what time it is, which I found relatable since I have always asked my smart speaker what time it is when I wake up at random times during my sleep cycle.

Her significant other gets up and apparently leaves for the shower before work, she is then ready to doze back to sleep while the light is left on. A sound disturbs her return to the dream world and she once again asks Google the current time, followed by a creaking of the door the intense music starts setting up the only jump scare in the film! It’s her cat coming to visit her.

Moments later and in closing she pets her feline friend and turns over on her back only to see a starfish spider like monster on the celling which falls directly on her only to be followed by the credits for the short.

First lets just say that the monster is hilarious (see image below).It looks like a… well I don’t know I will let you decide but no matter what it looks like its covered poop.

The Monster Upstairs takes the viewer to that relatable place, and then quickly plops the strange monster in your face. Surprisingly, the strange monster was worth watching just for a little chuckle.

Although the film only runs for a short amount of time, they did well in creating a short horror film. I believe with a bigger budget and a longer length the film could have been quite scary based on the psychological connection between sleep and technology.

The film was created by RYAN COULDREY who has been making quite an impact at festivals this year.

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