Hell in a Handbasket 2021 Film
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Hell in a Handbasket (Short Horror Film Review)

Research scientist Dale Borger struggles to maintain his solitary existence in the Arctic. As Dale represents humanity’s last hope in the face of a global pandemic, all hope falls on his shoulders.

This short horror film, Hell in a Handbasket, by Lee Chambers, explores a whole new level of our natural fear of isolation and being alone.

Hell in a Handbasket 2021 Short Horror Film

Hell in a Handbasket was one of the excellent new horror films I screened at the Blood in the Snow Festival 2021 a Canadian event that Horror Facts has been covering this year.

At first glance for some reason or another the movie reminded me of an X-files episode ‘Ice’ where Mulder was trapped in the artic with a live virus that was taking over the remnants of the people inside the bunker, however Hell in a Handbasket was quite the opposite of the Ice episode as it explored a completely original, story-rich explanation for the isolated circumstances of our lead character.

Hell in a Handbasket 2021 Short Horror Film

During a re-watch of Hell in a Handbasket, a reviewer like myself notices the Easter eggs hidden throughout the story. There is a direct parody of sci-fi apocalypse drama at the core of Hell in a Handbasket.

I have never seen anything like this before, with the fate of the global pandemic in poor Dale’s hands. On a super low budget of an approximate $2,000 the movies production manages to pull off something that I found to be very unique and original while featuring comedic moments amongst the insanity and pressure building for the end of the world. 

The film was enjoyable and during my three viewings I found myself noticing the brilliance of the film more with each watch. I’m excited to see what comes next from Lee Chambers.

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During principal photography, Regina, Saskatchewan was used to shoot test drone footage.

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