Spark Blood in The Snow Short Film Review

The brand-new short film Spark will screen at the blood in the snow movie festival in 2022. a film festival showcasing the best independent and full-length indie horror in the genre.

The strange movie Spark opens with a man outside after a woman asks him to enter, but is there something more sinister at work? Let’s find out.

The scene soon cuts to Roxanne being questioned about Harold’s disappearance, one of the two main characters in the movie.

Roxanne, a caregiver who cleans for Harold and occasionally checks up on him. As it was rapidly made clear, Harold was removed from his beloved computer as he was inventing tiny objects composed of electricity Sparks and rare Earth materials.

It doesn’t take long for Harold’s caregiver Roxanne to bring him her old laptop since she feels sorry for Harold and believes it’s the best course of action.

It’s important to note that the short film’s camera angles, visual quality, and overall aesthetic are all excellent. It looks amazing, is sophisticated, and doesn’t look amateurish at all, but it has more of a sci-fi than a horror movie vibe.

It becomes evident that Roxy should not have given Harold the laptop after he builds a device in his senior home that produces Sparks since she is abruptly let go from the job site for the day. Later that evening, Roxy or Roxanne might be seen returning to the nursing home to check on Harold.

Even though the short film is halfway over, I’m still confused about what the hell is going on, where it’s all leading, why it’s happening, and whether there will be a logical conclusion given the limited amount of time left. It feels like a play-by-play.

As the movie progresses from this point, it becomes increasingly obvious that Harold and Roxanne share some sort of bond. Roxanne frees Harold from the nursing home and drives him to a location where he may have once lived, though it’s not really revealed.

Harold puts together a device in a hurry that makes me think of one of those toys from the 1990s where you could touch it and it would shoot purple sparks of lightning in your direction, almost like a static generator. I still have no idea what is happening in this movie; I’m not scared or tense, just confused about what the heck is going on.

Everything is finally made clear. When the camera cuts back to the interrogation room from the beginning of the movie, Roxanne greets us and tells us that Harold has opened the portal to another world. That’s pretty much it; the movie is over. Harold was working on some kind of wormhole generator that would have allowed him to either travel through time or enter different dimensions, though the exact details are never fully revealed.

There isn’t much to say about this; it’s definitely not a horror film; it’s strictly science fiction. If you enjoy shorts that leave you wondering what’s happening, watch this one; if not, pass it by.