An Insightful Chat with Adrienne Kress, Star of The Devil Comes at Night 

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Adrienne Kress, the multi-talented author and actor, delivers a compelling performance as Amy in the psychological thriller The Devil Comes at Night (Check out our review). Kress recently discussed her complex role, the challenges of filming such an intense story, and collaborating with the director and crew. Kress found Amy to be a “three-dimensional character” who is both “competent” and “vulnerable.” Unlike stereotypical female characters in horror films, Amy is neither a “damsel in distress” … Read The Full Article

The Devil Comes at Night: A Shadowy Thriller That Ensnares Through Fear of the Dark

The Devil Comes at Night

The Devil Comes at Night slithers into your psyche with all the subtly of a serpent in the dead of night. Directed by Scott Leaver, who co-wrote the screenplay with stars Ryan Allen and Adrienne Kress, the film plunges viewers into darkness and danger from the opening frame.   We first meet Ben, a former boxer whose glory days in the ring have long since faded behind a haze of booze and regret. He’s come to … Read The Full Article