Victoria U. Bell on Transforming Real-Life Nightmares into Heir of the Witch

Director Victoria U. Bell puts her flair for psychological horror on display in her latest gothic thriller, Heir of the Witch. This haunting tale was born from Bell’s deepest fears and nightmares, inspired by her family’s alleged history of witchcraft and curses. Heir of the Witch follows Anna, heir to a dark witch, who refuses to carry the sinister legacy she was born to. But Anna’s long-dead grandmother has other plans, haunting and manipulating her … Read The Full Article

Heir of the Witch: A Gothic Vision Born of Nightmares

The psychological horror film Heir of the Witch was born out of writer-director Victoria U. Bell’s deepest fears and nightmares. Using these horrific images that haunted her dreams, Bell was able to craft a chilling story of witchcraft, family curses, and inescapable fate.  Bell’s paternal grandmother was an alleged witch who sold her soul to the devil to become immortal, doomed to haunt the family line until she was able to pass on her dark gift. Bell’s … Read The Full Article