‘Chucky’ Series Bringing Back Andy Barclay and Kyle

SyFy’s upcoming ‘Chucky’ series adds franchise stars Alex Vincent and Christine Elise to its growing cast list.

Vincent is set to reprise his role as Andy Barclay, the original owner of the evil doll. The character first debuted in the original ‘Childs Play’ film and would go on to appear in the next two installments of the franchise, with Vincent reprising the role in ‘Childs Play 2’ but subsequently being replaced in the third film by Justin Whalin.

Elise was first introduced into the franchise in ‘Childs Play 2,’ where she played the role of Kyle, Andy’s foster sister. Throughout the film, the two team up to put a stop to Chucky’s reign of terror.

Vincent and Elise last appeared in 2017’s ‘Cult of Chucky,’ where the character of Andy Barclay was last seen battling Nica Pierce (Fiona Dourif) in a mental institution. The altercation ended with Andy being locked inside a cell as the institution went into lockdown.

Elise appeared in a post-credit scene, arriving at Andy’s house to continue torturing the original Chucky’s severed head that Andy had been keeping locked up.

Vincent and Elise join returning franchise stars Brad Dourif, who reprises his role as the voice of Chucky; Jennifer Tilly, who is returning as Tiffany Valentine; and Fiona Dourif, in the previously mentioned role of Nica Pierce.

With the addition of Andy and Kyle to the series, one has to wonder who else might be making an appearance. Could we see a potential return of Karen Barclay, Andy’s mother, who we haven’t seen since the original film?

Thanks to a post-credit scene in 2013’s Curse of Chucky we know that Karen is still alive and is presumably with Mike Norris, the detective who aids the Barclay family in killing Chucky in the original ‘Childs Play.’

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