The Ghostbusting Plumber Returns in Remastered Glory! ‘Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD’ Heading to Switch on June 27

In a surprise announcement sure to delight Nintendo fans everywhere, the company revealed that the spooky 2013 hit ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ is being remastered in HD for the Switch. Titled ‘Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD’, this enhanced version will launch on the Nintendo eShop on June 27, 2023.

The news came as part of Nintendo’s Mar10 Day celebrations, honoring their iconic mustachioed mascot Mario and his beloved franchise. While Mario himself was nowhere to be seen, his often-overshadowed brother Luigi took center stage with this exciting remake announcement.

For those unfamiliar with the original 3DS classic, ‘Dark Moon’ takes place shortly after the events of the first ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ game on the GameCube. Professor E. Gadd, Luigi’s paranormal researcher friend, has been studying the Dark Moon that hovers over Evershade Valley, as its presence helps keep the local ghosts in a calm, friendly state.

However, disaster strikes when the Dark Moon inexplicably shatters, its pieces scattering across the valley. With the moon’s calming influence gone, the ghosts turn hostile and begin haunting a series of mansions. Once again, it falls upon the reluctant hero Luigi to vacuum up these spooky specters using his trusty Poltergust 5000 and reassemble the Dark Moon before things spiral out of control.

The core gameplay loop that made ‘Dark Moon’ such a hit remains intact in this HD remaster. Players will meticulously explore the various haunted mansions, sucking up ghosts, blasting away obstacles, and solving puzzles using Luigi’s upgraded vacuum. The charming mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and ghost-busting action is given a fresh new coat of paint with updated graphics and visuals.

But that’s not all ‘Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD’ has to offer. The fan-favorite multiplayer mode ScareScraper also makes a return, now with the option for online play. In ScareScraper, up to 4 players can team up locally or online to ascend a towering haunted skyscraper, battling ghosts on each floor with special objective-based challenges and time limits.

With the original ‘Luigi’s Mansion’ still absent from the Switch library, this HD remaster of the second game helps build up the full trilogy on Nintendo’s latest platform alongside 2019’s ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’. Fans have been clamoring for all three games on one system, and it seems Nintendo is heeding those calls.

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So get ready to stock up on emergency rations of air freshener and prepare that trusty Poltergust once more. The reluctant ghost hunter Luigi is being called back into action in glorious HD this June 27th! With updated visuals, online multiplayer, and the full spooky adventure intact, ‘Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD’ is sure to be a must-play for Switch owners looking for a hauningly good time.