Chucky and Tiffany Are Bringing Twisted Toy Terror to Dead by Daylight!

Chucky appearing for the first time in Dead by Daylight

Well butter my biscuits and call me petrified, because everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed killer dolls Chucky and Tiffany are coming to wreak pint-sized havoc in the iconic horror game Dead by Daylight! Consider this the ultimate virtual playdate from hell. As of November 28th, players can take control of the murderous marrieds as they slash and sass their way across levels, blending right in with DBD’s esteemed roster of pop culture boogeymen. That includes handling voicing … Read The Full Article

Dead by Daylight adds more Silent Hill

Dead by Daylight Silent Hill

The Silent Hill cross over continues in the Dead by Daylight franchise as the video game producers move to add an additional Silent Hill character to their hit horror survival game. Cybil won’t be a total unique character added to the game, but a special legendary skin for Heather Mason that lets her appear and as Cybil. Similar was done for Silent Hill nurse Lisa Garland.