Murderous Stealth Slasher ‘Christmas Massacre’ Slices Onto PlayStation November 17

Ho ho homicidal! The sleigh bells are ringing early this year gorehounds, because the stealth slasher video game “Christmas Massacre” from retro-horror masters Puppet Combo is coming to inject some festive fright into your PlayStation on November 17th.

Bringing their trademark VHS-style low-poly graphics and worship of 80s horror to the world of gaming, Puppet Combo looks ready to deck our halls with copious amounts of 8-bit bloodshed. “Christmas Massacre” originally launched on Steam in 2021 to critical acclaim, and now PlayStation players can get in on the holiday horror fun for just $11.99.

As the chilling synopsis describes, you play as young Larry in 1959 whose dreams of attending his school’s Christmas party are cruelly dashed, sending him into a murderous Yuletide rampage that leaves a nun gravely wounded. Flash forward to 1979, with adult Larry now channeling his trauma into full-on slasher mode, donning a maniacal Santa suit and snuffing out “naughty” victims thanks to violent commands from his possessed Christmas tree.

As Larry, you must stealthily stalk and kill across multiple levels to advance, with an array of weapons and masks to keep your slay ride rolling. And you can immerse yourself fully in the insanity thanks to both first and third person perspective options.

It’s a Murder Santa simulator soaked in 80s VHS grime, blurring the lines of holiday horror fantasy and reality. The unique reverse horror premise delivers all the tension of evading victims as an unstoppable force of death instead of helpless prey.

And knowing Puppet Combo’s devotion to analog-inspired scares, this sadistic trip down murder lane will ooze retro atmosphere from every low-res texture. “Christmas Massacre” looks poised to become the new holiday horror gaming tradition PS fans didn’t know they needed.

So sharpen your candy cane shivs, and prepare to deck the halls with copious amounts of 8-bit carnage when this bloody stealth slasher creeps onto PlayStation November 17. Just be warned – “Christmas Massacre” looks ready to provide a slay ride that would make even Santa’s naughty list.

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