Undead Dread Hits the Switch – UNDYING Shambles to Nintendo on July 25

Brace yourselves, Switch owners – the apocalyptic zombie nightmare UNDYING is finally digging its claws into Nintendo’s hybrid console on July 25th. Developed by the macabre minds at Vanimals, this harrowing survival experience will test your nerves and morality like few games before it.

In UNDYING, you play as Anling, a mother battling not just the relentless undead horde, but her own horrifying infection. Newly turned, her days are numbered as the zombie virus courses through her veins. But the true purpose driving her is the protection of her son Cody – she must survive long enough to ensure his safety and impart crucial survival skills before succumbing to her grisly fate.

The high-stakes narrative takes players on an emotional roller coaster as Anling struggles against her increasing monstrosity. Gameplay loops between vicious combat against the shambling undead, tense resource scavenging, and heart-wrenching moments teaching young Cody how to carry on without her. With each pivotal decision, Anling’s humanity slowly slips away.

For collectors, a physical standard and limited edition will launch in Japan alongside the digital release. The limited bundle packs bonus undead-slaying goods like a Switch skin, DLC skin pack, postcards, stickers, and a haunting original soundtrack to serenade your shambolic adventures.

Whether braving the nightmare in portable mode or docked, UNDYING promises an uncompromising vision of the zombie apocalypse on Switch. Endure the harrowing emotional toll, or be consumed by the relentless undying horde. The choice is yours when this cult indie hit shambles to Nintendo’s platform next month.

Beyond its harrowing narrative, UNDYING brings an uncompromising level of survival gameplay to Switch. Combat is bloody and visceral, requiring strategic use of firearms, melee weapons, and even environmental objects to put down the undying hordes. Ammo is perilously scarce, so you’ll need to pick your battles wisely.

Resource management is also crucial for keeping Anling and Cody alive. You’ll need to carefully scavenge for food, medical supplies, and crafting materials across the decaying, zombie-infested environments. Securing safe shelter to rest and resupply is a constant concern.

As Anling’s infection worsens, her abilities gradually mutate. While enhancing her in some ways, like improved senses and strength, it also brings disturbing changes. Players must grapple with choices over embracing or suppressing her undead nature, shaping Anling’s descent towards monstrosity.

The game’s atmosphere is utterly bleak, with a somber, desaturated art style reflecting the grim subject matter. The chilling musical score by Adgio Hutchings, included in the limited edition, ratchets up the tension to disturbing levels.

For those who missed its cult status on other platforms, UNDYING offers Switch owners a chance to experience an unrelenting zombie apocalypse tale. Brace yourselves for sheer undead dread when it shambles to Nintendo’s platform on July 25th. Just be prepared to confront the haunting question – how far would you go to save what you love?

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