Tubi Original Marry, F***, Kill: Do You Dare Play?

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And in the chilling new Tubi Original film Marry, F***, Kill, five estranged college friends will find out the hard way what happens when you mess around with matters of the heart and what it truly means to be someone’s soul mate.  …

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Cube on Screambox

Cube: Is The Japanese Remake Worth It?

Explore the bold reimagining of the 1997 cult classic horror film Cube in its Japanese remake. Cat Voleur discusses the updated themes, unique vision, and potential pitfalls of the 2023 version. Is it worth the watch? Find out in this in-depth review. There are so many ways to screw up …

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Safe Word A Tubi Original Film, full review

What’s Your “Safe Word”? A Tubi Original Film

“Safe Word” is a riveting and enthralling journey into the enigmatic realm of BDSM, masterfully unraveling the intricate dynamics of dominant and submissive partnerships, while powerfully underscoring the crucial role of consent and communication. Boasting an exceptional ensemble of actors, a provocative and intellectually stimulating storyline, and breathtakingly arresting visuals, …

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The Super Mario Bros. Film

The Super Mario Bros. Film Review

After years of anticipation, the Super Mario Bros. Movie has finally arrived, and it does not disappoint. With nearly four decades of history behind it, as well as a live-action adaptation that missed the mark, this film had a lot to live up to. Fortunately, the team at Illumination and …

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HYPNOTICA: A Cast of Up-and-Coming Actors

Hypnotica: A Review Hypnotica is a 2023 American psychological thriller film directed by A.T. Sharma and starring Adam Johnson, Tim Torre, and Adam Foster. The film is about a young psychiatrist who tries hypnotism to save a patient, but soon finds himself in over his head when the patient begins …

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Can You Survive the New Tubi Original Castaways

In the new post-apocalyptic Tubi Original film Castaways, two women find themselves shipwrecked and alone on a deserted island. As the girls fight to survive, their shared experience bonds them together in ways they could never have imagined. After an outbreak of an unknown and deadly new virus begins to …

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They Wait in the Dark

Film Review “They Wait in the Dark”

Independent horror films are known for their ability to experiment and subvert the norm, but sometimes this approach can backfire. Patrick Rea’s “They Wait in the Dark” is one such film. Despite a promising poster, the film is lacking in horror and instead offers a flimsy examination of a broken …

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The Burning

The Burning: Have you seen this classic movie?

Do you like to watch scary movies? Are you always on the lookout for the next great slasher film to watch? If so, you should definitely check out “The Burning.” Despite the fact that it was released in 1981, this horror film directed by Tony Maylam has largely gone unnoticed …

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The Apocalypse is Upon Us in: Anglerfish

“Anglerfish” is a beautifully shot low-budget, arthouse project from writer/director Calvin Welch. While there is some narrative, it defies easy description. The narrative itself is intertwined with artistic shots, and dreamlike sequences that provide a wealth of visual stimulation, and are reminiscent of Maya Deren’s “Meshes in the Afternoon.” Additionally, …

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All The Forces of Hell Arrive in: Hell Van

In the new indie horror film Hell Van, all the forces of the apocalypse have rained down upon a small, unsuspecting Texas town, and may God have mercy on their souls because the Devil isn’t taking requests. Hell Van follows the story of firefighter August Cash who chains the door …

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Scream 6 Movie Review

The original Scream is not only one of the most seminal horror movies ever made, it also managed to do something few horror films have done period; it spawned a franchise where every entry stays true to the heart of the original. And better yet? Even the arguably bad ones …

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Let Me Go (The Right Way) Film Review

They know everything about you. You willingly reveal your deepest and darkest secrets to them, but how much do you know about your doctor? The new psychological short film, Let Me Go (The Right Way) explores the concept of questioning the motives beyond the medical professionals that claim to want …

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City of the living dead

City of the Living Dead Review: A Zombie Classic

City of the Living Dead” is a horror movie that marks the beginning of Lucio Fulci’s “Gates of Hell” trilogy, followed by the celebrated “The Beyond” and “The House by the Cemetery.” Keep reading to find our city of the living dead review. Although some may argue that it’s the …

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Cocaine Bear And The Key To Horror Comedy

I saw Cocaine Bear on the 27th and rather than just giving my thoughts on it by reviewing it. I figure I’d also talk about the genre it fits into and why this is a fantastic example of comedy horror. Spoilers ahead, but I will try to keep them to …

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