[Trailer] NO ESCAPE Offers Little Refuge

Did you know that escape rooms are scary? The thought of being locked in a room for an hour as a “group bonding supersize” with 5 co-workers you barley even know is chilling–let alone when the game designer wants to kill you. Will Wernick blasted into the genre with the critically divisive Escape Room (which … Read more

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JASON BLUM post COVID-19 OG Halloween poster.

blumhouse halloween covid-19 poster

Blumhouse and chief director David Gordon Green’s Halloween Kills is said to be greater, badder, and meaner than the first. In any case, it would appear that maker Jason Blum is keeping his comical inclination as he simply shared a fun (and comical image) Halloween spoof banner roused by the ongoing isolation’s around the world. … Read more

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