Vinegar Syndrome Collection Volume IV On Demand

So far this month, Arrow keeps bringing more and more to its streaming service. We already have Puppet Master on the streaming platform.

Vinegar Syndrome’s fourth and wildest (so far) compilation, Seasons IV, debuts on May 2nd. ARROW subscribers will like the cult madness and sleazy zaniness in Vinegar Syndrome Collection Volume IV. Ed Wood’s prisonsploitation Fugitive Girls, Sweet Trash, Sweet Sugar, The Hang Up, and Runaway Nightmare will soon be available to fans in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland, respectively; they’ll also have the option of seeing Sweet Sugar, which tells the story of a nymphomaniac who is trapped and forced to work on a sugar cane chain-gang; and The Hang Up, which tells the story of a LA vice cop who has a forbidden affair with an escort.

New titles include on the new streaming platform include Runaway Nightmare, Sweet Sugar, Fugitive Girls, The Hang Up.

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Mike Cartel stars in and writes, edits, directs, and produces Runaway Nightmare, an American dark comedic thriller released in 1982. Among the cast members are Al Valetta, Seeska Vandenberg, Georgia Durante, and Jody Lee Olhava, who portray two desert worm farmers who find themselves in a battle between a female death cult and the mafia over stolen plutonium.. It gained a cult following and was re-released nationally in 2014 for the first time.

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Sweet Sugar is a 1972 exploitation film about women in jail, directed by Michel Levesque and featuring Phyllis Davis as the title character. The story revolves around a lady who has been sentenced to labor for a chain gang.

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In this adults-only film created by cult favorite Edward D. Wood Jr., five desperate women break out of a minimal security prison and seek for a secret stockpile of stolen cash. Dee (Margie Lanier) has been falsely accused of a liquor store robbery and murder by her lover, and she is completely innocent of the crimes that led to her incarceration. They force her to accompany them on their jailbreak when she overhears four of her fellow inmates talking about it and screaming out of her prison cell.