Night Caller (2022) Being Released May 13th

Los Angeles, CA “123 Go Films has announced the North American VOD release of Chad Ferrin’s Night Caller, which enjoyed a successful festival run thanks to the support of the genre film festival circuit. The psychic serial killer mystery will be accessible on a variety of digital and cable platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, iNDemand, and DISH, starting on May 13th. The film is directed by the filmmaker of The Deep Ones, Exorcism at 60,000 Feet, and Someone’s Knocking at the Door.”

After having its world premiere at the Another Hole in the Head Festival in San Francisco, Night Caller proceeded to make audiences laugh and squirm at film festivals around the world, winning Best Film at the Swedish International Film Festival and Peep Hole, and sweeping the awards at the Anatomy Crime – Horror International Film Festival, where it was named Best Director, Best Film, Best Actress, and Best Cinematography.

Night Caller Image from the movie

Clementine Carter, a telephone psychic, gets drawn into a tangled web of mystery when she receives a call from a serial murderer. Predicting his killings before he does them places her in a terrible cat-and-mouse game. They must utilize their distinct powers to remain one step ahead of a monster whose horrible deeds in the present are nothing compared to his history and future, enlisting the help of her ailing father and clairvoyant coworker.

Night Caller Synopsis

Check out the trailer for Night Caller (2022) Below.

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Susan Priver, Steve Railsback (Lifeforce), Bai Ling (The Crow), Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects), Christine Nguyen, Silvia Spross, Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet), Robert Miano (Night of the Comet), and Robert “Corpsy” Rhine appear in Night Caller. Chad Ferrin wrote and directed Night Caller, with Robert “Corpsy” Rhine producing through his Girls and Corpses Films production company and Ferrin producing for Crappy World Films.