Valentine’s Day on SCREAMBOX: Ox-Head Village and More

In February, new additions will be made to the SCREAMBOX horror streaming service. SCREAMBOX has a number of exciting new additions coming in the month of February, making it an exciting time for fans of scary movies.

  • Body Snatchers and Killer Party – two horror classics from the Warner Bros. catalog
  • Sssshhh – a Bollywood slasher with a masked killer and musical numbers
  • Ox-Head Village and Yellow Dragon’s Village – two SCREAMBOX Originals

On February 3rd, SCREAMBOX will premiere an exclusive broadcast of Sssshhh, India’s version of Scream, along with two additional Bollywood flicks. The Japanese independent film Yellow Dragon’s Village, about a group of campers who stumble onto a cannibal cult, will premiere on February 7th.

The next film from The Grudge helmer Takashi Shimizu, Ox-Head Village, will be shown on Valentine’s Day. A woman who is curious about a mysterious viral video is the film’s protagonist.

The Awakening, a gothic horror film; Salem, Massachusetts, and the Loch Ness Monster, a documentary; Space Clown, a found video horror comedy; and Homebound, a home thriller. Also, there’s a hidden movie in there!

SCREAMBOX’s growing collection of original horror entertainment now includes these additions in addition to the likes of Terrifier 2, Pennywise: The Story of IT, and others. Be ready to be scared!