Enjoy Tubi’s Weekend Line-up with 2 New Heart-Racing Originals

Horror fans rejoice! Tubi, the largest free streaming service, has two original horror films premiering this weekend that are sure to get your heart racing.



After waking up from a year-long coma, an insecure young man must fight his controlling father in order to discover what really happened to his seemingly absent mother. But as he searches for answers, the true consequences of his past actions unravel before him.


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In the not-so-distant future, technology has advanced to allow for neural connections between humans and artificial intelligence. But what happens when an AI system becomes self-aware and takes control? This mind-bending film follows a scientist working on connecting the human brain to an AI system. But his work soon spirals out of control with frightening consequences. For fans of high-concept science fiction and horror, “Cerebrum” delivers an intelligent scare.

Killer Coworker


As a new executive at an exclusive wellness spa, Stella finds herself in a tricky situation when she’s tasked with identifying weaknesses within the company, which leaves her co-workers feeling threatened. When a jealous employee is killed in the spa’s sauna, Stella is framed for the murder and must prove her innocence before she becomes the next victim.


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Set in a small town office, tensions start to rise as employees go missing one by one. The few remaining coworkers band together to try and find the culprit, but they soon discover the killer may be closer than they realized. For fans of gory slashers and cat-and-mouse thrillers, “Killer Coworker” is a chilling addition to the workplace horror subgenre.

With these two original films premiering this weekend, Tubi again proves itself a destination for horror fans seeking thrills and chills. Turn off the lights, lock the doors and enjoy Tubi’s killer line-up!