Grimcutty Hulu Original Movie Review

A terrifying online meme known as “Grimcutty” is at the center of this contemporary take on the monster feature genre. The parents of the village are worried that the meme is encouraging their children to hurt both themselves and others. Asha Chaudry’s parents suspect that their daughter is self-inflicting her wounds in response to a challenge when the real-life equivalent of Grimcutty begins targeting their daughter. Asha needs to find a means to communicate with her parents in order to put an end to the Grimcutty once and for all now that she has lost access to her phone and no one believes her.

I believed the concept for the movie had a lot of potential when I first heard about it. The concept of “creepypasta,” which are internet-based urban legends that are based on frightening stories, was given a contemporary update as a result of this. Although it would come as a shock to me if anything similar hadn’t been done in the past, I can’t state with absolute certainty that it hasn’t. Even while I am aware that there have been a number of reimagining’s of creepypasta tales, particularly those that center on Slender Man, I continue to believe that the concept of bringing these tales up to present would be a fascinating one to investigate and investigate further.

A picture of the Grimcutty internet meme monster on a cell phone

The story of Grimcutty starts with a small child, his hands and wrists bandaged in bandaids, trying to sneak out of his room while his mom is reading articles about online challenges. Grimcutty, played by Joel Ezra Hebner (Slay Belles, Ant-Man), sneaks into the house while the protagonist is making his way downstairs to retrieve a knife. After then, the youngster stabs his mother, seemingly following the creature’s instructions.

After a few more youngsters in town are attacked, the parents of the area seem to make the executive decision to pull their children away from the internet. And convince the institution to support it. They may have wondered how their children will do their homework assignments without access to the internet.

The film was not outstanding but was an alright watch if you are a diehard CreepyPasta fan then Grimcutty may be a good watch for you.

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