Top 3 Anime Horror Series


Anime!? ANIME! you say? Yes anime. Underrated and overlooked by many horror fans is the artistic balance that is created inside these animated series. You cannot simply brush off these mind blowing anime horror series, they are absolutely amazing and hold storylines that are absolutely fantastic. Death Note “Shinigami love …

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Archive 81 2022 Netflix Series Review

Archive 81 is a streaming television series set in the American horror genre. Netflix released Archive 81 on 14th January 2022. In order to restore a collection of damaged videotapes from 1994, archivist Dan Turner is forced to reconstruct Melody Pendras’ investigation into a dangerous cult. In the course of …

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Dexter New Blood

Dexter: New Blood Ends But is it really over?

Dexter’s killing spree may have come to a close, according to Deadline, but the series’ dramatic finale may leave room for another spinoff. In an interview conducted soon after the final episode was broadcast, series showrunner Clyde Phillips stated, “Dexter Morgan is dead.” For most viewers, this is the final …

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‘Dexter: New Blood’s final episode trailer teases an intense and fast-paced finale with Dexter’s arrest as the last scene. It shows a mugshot of Dexter and him being arrested in the last moments of the promo for the final episode of Dexter: New Blood. Harrison is assured of their importance …

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TV Tonight: Chucky and Day of The Dead on Syfy

In just two hours Chucky followed by Day of the Dead will be making their world premier on Syfy. It’s a great night for horror fans, as you will get to watch not one but two new horror shows one featuring a killer doll and the others tackling zombies! Chucky …

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Creepshow Season 3

Shudder Has Released ‘Creepshow’ Season Three

It’s returning to Shudder this week — The Creepshow anthology horror series. Shudder’s Creepshow has officially begun its third season. Although the series isn’t back as long as we’d hoped, it’s still exciting to have it during the Halloween season. In addition to the usual selection of horror stories, this …

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