Holliston you should watch this Show

In the television show Lynch and Green remain stuck in their hometown Holliston, MA. Despite their desire to become horror filmmakers, They both work for a local cable access station and run their own horror film show named The Movie Crypt.

“Hatchet,” a film in the vein of ’80s “slasher” movies, was Adam Green’s debut on the horror scene. Upon entering the “slasher” genre, he followed it up with “Spiral” (2007) and “Frozen” (2010), which was hailed as a horror classic.

Joe Lynch is a Hollywood director whose credits include Mayhem, Wrong Turn 2 and many others 

There have been comparisons to “The Big Bang Theory” and “The Evil Dead 2,” and I believe this is a fair description.


The show offers a very outlandish premise, but it is original enough to sustain the plot. What other show would you encounter that has Tony Todd crash the main character’s couch and refuse to leave!

Dee Snider also appears on the show along with horror stars Danielle Harris, Kane Hodder, John Landis, and Tony Todd.

Holliston, like most sitcoms, requires the viewer to watch at least a couple of episodes to understand. After watching three episodes I was instantly hooked on the show.

Horror Facts


It is always 4:20 on the clocks visible on the show.

Green and Lynch succeed in being lovable and funny in their exaggerated versions of themselves. The dynamic between them and their genuine friendship is one of the show’s best features.

Although the plotlines touch on familiar sitcom territory, thanks to the show’s darker tone, the plotlines still feel fresh. Horror fandom would seem unlikely to provide such interesting content for a sitcom, alas it works very well.

Despite being a weird concept that mixes both a traditional sitcom concept and pieces from the horror community, it should appeal to horror fans and sitcom fans alike. This is a project that deserves to be watched by Horror Fans.

Holliston is currently streaming on Shudder!