‘Escape Room 2’ Help me Esacpe This Movie! [Review]

Escape Room 2

Following up on the original blockbuster film is Escape Room Part Two, the not so amazing terrifying mazes and traps. SynopsisA group of six people find themselves trapped in another series of escape rooms, slowly learning what they have in common to survive. They soon discover that they have all played the game before after joining forces with two of the original survivors. If you haven’t yet seen the surprisingly successful 2019 film (which I … Read The Full Article

Holliston you should watch this Show


In the television show Lynch and Green remain stuck in their hometown Holliston, MA. Despite their desire to become horror filmmakers, They both work for a local cable access station and run their own horror film show named The Movie Crypt. “Hatchet,” a film in the vein of ’80s “slasher” movies, was Adam Green’s debut on the horror scene. Upon entering the “slasher” genre, he followed it up with “Spiral” (2007) and “Frozen” (2010), which … Read The Full Article

[Review] A Look back at Alone in the Dark 1982

Alone in the Dark is one of the most unknown horror films, but hopefully, our review will change that. It’s a lost masterpiece that’s worth seeing by as many people as possible. According to my information, Alone in the Dark was largely scorned during its original theatrical run, either being compared to Halloween and Friday the 13th or perceived as substandard in some way. Despite all the original negative feedback on the film, I think … Read The Full Article

The Forever Purge Film a purge fan review

Forever Purge

“The Forever Purge,” which opened on Friday, July 2, cleverly parodies current events while remaining true to the genre. There isn’t anything revolutionary or noteworthy in this movie, however, it is a thrilling horror-action film that delivers plenty of scares and thrilling action. How bad are things getting in the United States now that cultural and political divides lead to a rise in violence? To keep us out, Mexico is closing its border with the … Read The Full Article

Silent Hill 2006 revisit it’s been 15 years!

Silent Hill

Back in 2006, theaters throughout the country played host to a film adaptation of the Silent Hill computer game. When it came out, the movie was panned by critics, but I get the idea that those same critics had never seen any of the amazing video games that were available on gaming consoles in the past, particularly PlayStation. Having said this, the Silent Hill video game series was amazing, and to tell you the truth, … Read The Full Article

‘The Unholy’ Fails to Deliver Any Real Scares

‘The Unholy’ asks the question, “What if the devil was also capable of performing miracles?” ‘The Unholy’ follows the story of disgraced journalist Gerry Fenn (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) who, while covering a story in Banfield, Massachusetts, comes across a previously deaf-mute girl named Alice Pagett (Cricket Brown) who claims that she was visited by the Virgin Mary and was gifted with the ability to hear and speak as reward for her faith. Hoping to restore … Read The Full Article

‘Claw’: A Low Budget Version of Jurassic Park

If you watched ‘Jurassic Park’ and thought to yourself, “This movie could have been great if only it didn’t have any sort of suspense, stunning effects, or any scientific explanation for how they created dinosaurs,” then ‘Claw’ is the perfect movie for you. ‘Claw’ follows the story of Julia (Chynna Walker) and Kyle (Richard Rennie), who unexpectedly find themselves stranded in the middle of the desert after their tire blows while on their way to … Read The Full Article

‘Bad Hair’ Hulu Original Movie Review

Bad Hair Movie Review

Bad Hair is a film about a young woman whose hair has become possessed by an evil witch’s spirit wreaking havoc on everyone and everything around them, the film is a horror-comedy with musical elements. If you are a fan of easy-going horror with funny moments then you should give Bad Hair a playback. The film is perhaps the biggest breakthrough performance for Elle Lorraine. Bad Hair is her biggest film to date, I love … Read The Full Article

‘Scare Us’ A Horror Anthology Film Review

The idea of a horror anthology is a simple concept: a collection of short tales being told throughout one film. Tales of ghosts, monsters, the occult, cursed objects, or worse, the depravity of man. Each tale tells of an unfortunate soul who either unwittingly stumbles across something evil by happenstance or actively goes searching for the things that go bump in the night.  Often the tales contained within the film are tied together by a single … Read The Full Article

Censor 2021 Movie Review of a British Horror

Censor 2021 Horror Movie Review

A film that not only makes you feel very tripped out but adds a colorful layer of horror enter the Censor 2021 Movie Review A cunning and discreetly disrupting thrill ride about a British film censor during the 1980s who starts to think she is seeing her long-missing sister in an unpleasant horror movie or a well-constructed thriller. What starts as a novel kind of secret story progressively develops into a freaky piece of mental … Read The Full Article

‘Frankenhooker’: Movie Review

When Mary Shelley first envisioned the concept of Victor Frankenstein and his monster, she never could have imagined the impact her creation would have on the horror community. The eight-foot creature, assembled from old body parts, first debuted in Shelley’s gothic story in 1818, and it wouldn’t take long for him to make the jump to the stage. Frankenstein’s monster would make his first recorded theatrical appearance in Richard Brinsley Peake’s 1823 play titled ‘Presumption; … Read The Full Article

[Review] Bloodthirsty 2021 Werewolf Movie

Bloodthirsty 2021 movie review horror facts

What happens when a young girl who is suffering a mental breakdown finds out she may not be having a mental breakdown and is turning into a monster? Enter the Bloodthirsty Werewolf Movie It’s also worth noting that the she is not blaming her problems on possession like in the Devil Made me Do It. Bloodthirsty 2021 Starring: Greg Bryk, Jayce McKenzie, Jesse Gervais, Judith Buchan, Katharine King So, Lauren Beatty, Michael Ironside Summary: A … Read The Full Article

‘Godzilla vs Kong’ Movie Review

After Legendary Pictures decided to revisit the idea of a showdown between Godzilla and King Kong, they must have discovered that only about twenty minutes of their one-hundred thirteen-minute movie was dedicated to fighting scenes between the two titans. After this discovery, the studio must have decided they needed to come up with a story to fill in the gaps. Obviously, the only logical choice was to rip off ‘Journey to the Centre of the … Read The Full Article

‘Slumber Party Massacre’ Movie Review

Due to Shout! Studios announcing a remake of ‘Slumber Party Massacre’ will be releasing this year, we at Horrorfacts thought we would take a look at the original 1982 film.     When ‘Slumber Party Massacre’ was first conceived, writer Rita Mae Brown intended it to be a parody of the slasher genre, titling it, ‘Sleepless Nights.’   Brown, who was known for being a feminist writer/activist, had intended for the film to break away from … Read The Full Article

‘Toy Box Killers’: Movie Review

Once upon a time, a boy and a girl met. Together, they liked to torture, inflict pain, and elicit screams. ‘Toy Box Killers,’ not to be confused with the real-life ‘Toy-Box Killer’ David Parker Ray (I made that mistake), is an independent horror film from Demonic Assassin Films starring Jon Prophet as Daniel Burns; Elin-Margareta Nordin as Samantha Tooms; Emma Johannesson as Monica Johnson; Sharon Henry as Detective Sergeant Teri Logan; Jag Singh as Detective … Read The Full Article

Review of the Horror Short ‘The Nurturing’

Remember when you were young and you had that overwhelming fear that something was hiding under your bed just waiting for you to fall asleep? You never dared lift the covers to look for fear you might be right. This fear is what Lockbridge Productions taps into in their new seven-minute horror short, ‘The Nurturing,’ which follows Daniel, who, after sustaining an injury, returns to his childhood bedroom. It is there that he is faced … Read The Full Article

Aronofsky Endings: From Mild to Wild

Noah is the reimagining of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark with Russel Crowe playing the titular character. Jennifer Connelly plays his dutiful wife Naameh and for some extra star power Emma Watson plays Noah’s adopted daughter Ila. This film didn’t receive great reviews- half the audience was upset with the changes Aronofsky made to the original story. The other half could accept the changes but still struggled to follow the convoluted plot. But in … Read The Full Article