Cold Skin (2017)

“A beautifully filmed movie with an undertone of social commentary” After watching Shudder TV’s Cold Skin, I am left thinking that it was better than I expected it to be in many ways, and worse than it could have been in others. I realize that this is a very open-ended …

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Billy Movie

Billy 2019 – Short [Review]

The short film Billy is very creepy and over far too quickly. It revolves around recent homeowners Steve Delgado (Scott) & Michelle Gernon (Mia). The couple purchases a home with a questionable history for below market value and come across an antique doll in a closet. There are a few …

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The Lodge 2019 Horror Movie Expert Review

[Review] The Lodge 2019

I came away with mixed feelings after watching The Lodge. Many parts were super relatable. Firstly, grieving over the loss of a mother or loved one. My mother recently passed away so that hit home. Secondly, Parents going through a divorce. Finally, the awkwardness of an introduction to the soon …

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[Review] Jack Hunters ‘Horror Nights’ (2020)

We were recently sent a screening copy of Jack Hunter’s Horror Nights a newish film which is now under the banner of Troma NOW. Jack is a independent horror creator out of Southern Sykos Productions he has helped create a collection of indie horror films with this new anthology Horror …

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We Summon the Darkness

We Summon the Darkness Movie Review

We Summon the Darkness is a horror thriller directed by Marc Meyers, based on the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and the hysteria around heavy metal music. The film follows three metalhead friends as they travel to a heavy metal concert, where a series of gruesome murders begin to happen. …

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