Rachel Stavis’s Horror Short ‘Posies’ Available NOW

The greatest threat to human existence has always been ourselves, as within each person is the capability to be both good and evil. ‘Posies,’ the horror short from Rachel Stavis, centers around the idea that humanity has become “too violent, too hateful, too unfeeling” and that if not fixed, soon everyone is destined to “become monsters.”

Last October @joey posted an excellent interview with Rachel Stavis where our readers were able to see a very detailed version of what a real life exorcist does and how it all plays out, we were really excited to hear that Ms. Stavis had her hands in the creation of Posies.

‘Posies’ official synopsis: As people begin to “devolve” into monsters, one woman attempts to hide her transformation by placing flowers under her skin.

The film opens on Maddy (Anna Diop) as she prepares to reconnect with Jack (Andy Favreau), a former lover. During this opening scene we see a transformation has begun to occur within her, as visible cracks form on the surface of her skin. To attempt to hold back this unwanted metamorphosis, she places flower petals into the wounds.

This unsettling sequence shows the extent someone will go to appear “normal.” The beauty regiment Maddy subjects herself to carries the message that sometimes people will hide who they really are.

Before heading out for the evening, we overhear a news broadcast that discusses how people are inherently evil and society is doomed to become monsters due to our transgressions.

While on their date, Maddy expresses her concerns over the impending de-evolution of society before proceeding to confess her sins, ultimately revealing that she feels no remorse for her actions, signaling that she has begun to lose her humanity.

The film’s climax leaves its viewers with the message that try as you might, you can’t outrun your past. But, eventually, you reap what you sow.

We live in a society where murder and violence have become a part of our everyday lives where people make excuses for their actions and attempt to claim it as human nature. Yet within us, all is the ability to be both good and evil. If we’re not careful, we can lose the part of us that’s good, the part that makes us human, and if we lose that, then what are we?

Originally released at the LA Shorts International Film Festival, ‘Posies’ will now be available online as part of Gunpowder & Sky: Alter series, which the company promises to be on the cutting edge of horror while still paying homage to the classics, with its collection of shocking short films, daring new series, innovative podcasts and award-winning features films.

‘Posies’ will debut on March 01, 2022, on Gunpowder & Sky official website.

‘Posies’ stars Anna Dop as Maddy, Andy Favreau as Jack, Zach Rogers as Marcus Cohen, Laura Cassidy as Leslie Peterson, and Bobby Gilchrist as William Johnson.


  • Directed by R.H. Stavis & Katherine Fisher
  • Written by R.H. Stavis
  • Produced by Kenneth Renaldo Reynolds & Tiffany L. Gray
  • Executive Produced by Pamela Adlon
  • Starring Anna Diop & Andy Favreau
  • Director of Photography Ante Cheng
  • Production Design by Emily Kingston
  • Edited by Anisha Acharya
  • Costume Design by Bridget Fenlason
  • Key Makeup Artist/ SFX Make Up Jennifer M. Quinteros
  • Original Music Composed by Chappell Roan
  • Casting Director Geralyn Flood, CSA
  • Special Makeup Effects Created by Ojala Productions
  • Visual Effects Artists Cameron VanHook, Kevin VanHook & Jamie Sapp
  • Senior Colorist Jill Bogdanowicz

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