Sin Eater Out Today But You should Skip This One [Review]

Indican Pictures has released the scary horror Sin Eater on DVD and On Demand. The picture, which stars Bill Moseley (Halloween) and is directed, written, and produced by Carmelo Chimera (After Masks), examines what happens when a woman is locked up with her demons. Sounds like it would be good considering they managed to land good ole Bill Moseley in Sin Eater, but you may be mistaken.

The film’s synopsis is as follows
When a woman on the run from her past suffers a terrifying injury, she becomes stranded in a town with a dark secret. As bizarre phenomena intensify and with no one to trust, she’ll have to face her inner demons before a real one takes her soul.

Should you Watch Sin Eater?

If you are an absolute Bill Moseley fan then yes you should watch Sin Eater, but be forewarned. While Sin Eater has a very cool trailer and at a glance looks like it would be a decent lower budget horror movie you would be mistaken, it’s not great and not in a cult classic way where it was so bad that it was legendary. Instead its met with a very low quality story line, and the script makes everything even worse.

Sin Eater is a religious movie, as you might expect. Christine communicates with all those participating in the town’s mission, as seen by the biblical names of the town and its residents, as well as the three townspeople. Christine is a wayward Catholic, and we witness the cause for her slip via recollections of Father Dunn performing conversion treatment on her at her parents’ behest, which appears very much like cruelty.

Sin Eater was filmed in the original weed rush state of Colorado so perhaps this played a role in the turnout of the movie but not in the original Cheech and Chong kind of way more like it the kind of way where the movies script, shots and everything looked so good while they were stoned but in reality the movie was not good with any sober eyes.

Cast and characters:

Jessie Nerud … Christine
Danny Bohnen … Isaac
Scotty Bohnen … Elijah
Bill Moseley … Father Dunn
Scott Moore … Abraham
Gretchen Ho … Mrs Van Den Berg
Jason Potter … Deputy
Jeremy Cumrine … James
John Crockett … Father
Michelle Holland … Mother
Russell Geoffrey Banks … Professor Carpenter
Fernando San Miguel … Mailman
Gregg S. Perry … Greg
Elise Goodgaine … Hitchhiker
Stacie Chimera … Waitress
Alianna Faith … Abigail

Sin Eater is out today on Apple TV, Prime Video, Vudu/FandangoNOW, and Google Play