‘UnSheltered’: Can You Weather The Storm?

‘Unsheltered’, the newest film from Buffalo 8 Productions asks the question. Is it Mother Nature or man itself that you should fear more?

Because they can run from the storm, but can they run from their deaths?

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Official Synopsis: In 2017, five college students set out to escape the path of Mother Nature. When things took a turn, they had to seek shelter and were never seen alive again.

‘Unsheltered’ starts in the vein of the found footage format, as our college students decide to document themselves preparing to leave town to avoid the incoming storm.

Having experienced this exact scenario multiple times before, the group is quite cavalier about the whole situation and treats the entire thing like a road trip more than an evacuation.

This dismissal of the seriousness of the situation results in them choosing to take side streets to get out of the city rather than the highway. Like most horror movies, whenever you veer off course, you can usually bank on your mood of transportation failing you. In this case, it’s an empty gas tank that sees our college students head to an old airplane hanger in the hope of finding fuel. Once inside, they decide to hunker down for the night to avoid the rising storm.

Here ‘Unsheltered’ switches between the kids documenting the situation on their phones and a standard camera format. Before eventually scrapping the whole found footage angle altogether and deciding instead to now jump between Detective Quill giving an interview as to what he theorized happened to the students and seeing the events that transpired.

As night falls, the unsuspecting co-eds prepare to hunker down inside the hanger for the night to avoid the rising storm outside. Unfortunately, a decision they quickly learn is a fatal mistake, as it appears this abandoned hanger still has some life left in it.

Watch ‘Unsheltered’ and see what happened to those missing college students that fateful night, and learn the secrets hidden within this unsuspecting town.

Stream ‘Unsheltered’ today.

Cast and characters:
Raven Wynn … Emily Park
Caleb Martin … Aaron Somerfield
Chauntel Hall … Michelle Harris
Melina Kay … Ana Garcia
Edgar Tomas Lopez … Mohamed ‘Mo’ Toma
Tanya Wheelock … Rachel Kranstin
Ray Lloyd … Interviewer
Michael A. Quill … Detective Quill
Christian Rivera … Reporter
Josh May … Propeller Man
Jim Moore … Officer Moore
Missy Miller … Ms Somerfield
Luke Drifter … Homeless man

Directed by Marcus Small

Written by…Luis Canales/Marelize Roets

Produced by…Eagle Eye Entertainment/ Reel Production – Florida