[REVIEW] VENDETTA (2022) Releasing May 17th.

“VENDETTA,” produced by Redbox Entertainment and starring Clive Standen and Theo Rossi, as well as Mike Tyson, Thomas Jane, and Bruce Willis, will be released on Tuesday, May 17.

Vendetta follows an ex-Marine William Duncan (Clive Standen) after his teenage daughter is killed during a random gang initiation. When her attacker is found not guilty and is allowed to go free, Duncan is left distraught and furious. He decides to take matters into his own hands and exacts revenge on the gang member, thereby igniting a conflict with the man’s violent brother (Theo Rossi) and father (Bruce Willis). When the two respond by killing his wife and throwing him into a coma, William awakens to find himself transformed into a new man, a man hell-bent on vengeance and with nothing to lose. William, now rehabilitated and armed, continues his search for the members of the gang responsible for his ordeal.

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Thanks to our friends at Redbox, we were given the opportunity to see the picture ahead of its official release date. I must say that the film is jam-packed with action and has a lot of heart.

The performance is excellent, as is the camera work; everything comes together well and provides the viewer with a pleasurable experience. It’s always a delight to watch Bruce Willis on the big screen, especially in light of the current health news. It’s possible that this will be one of the final films we see Bruce in.

While these kind of films have been done before, there are die hard fans of these types of films, and while it may be a “I’ve seen it before” moment for some viewers, it still remains strong and provides viewers with a wonderful experience.

Vendetta Movie Still Image

Vendetta, which was written and directed by Jared Cohn, also stars Mike Tyson and Thomas Jane, as well as Kurt Yue (Black Widow), Lauren Buglioli (The Oval), Maddie Nichols (Emergency), Cabot Basden (Watchmen), Randy Gonzalez (Bloodline), Derek Russo (Loki), Demetrius Stear (A Mother’s Greatest Fear), Patrick Lamont, Jr. (Emergency), Jackie Moore ( (American Crime Story). The film is a collaboration between Redbox Entertainment, The Exchange, and Bar None Productions, alongside Media Capital Group and Princess Gates Entertainment.

“VENDETTA” is a revenge-fueled action adventure with a compelling tale that is guaranteed to appeal to action movie enthusiasts everywhere. I give the film 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Vendetta will be accessible in select cinemas, through On Demand on all major digital platforms, and via Redbox kiosks. The Motion Picture Association has classified the movie R. (MPA).

Vertical Entertainment will serve as Redbox’s distribution partner for the film.