[REVIEW] Night Caller, One Psychic’s Nightmare

The film Night Caller tells the story of a telephone psychic who receives a call from a very scratchy voiced caller one night while working at her two bit psychic call center. But this time its not just a random person asking for lottery numbers.

What would you do if you had real future predicting psychic powers that you could not control? Let’s find out what Clementine does with her powers.

Jumping right in. The caller addresses himself as. Mr. Smith stating that he has work to do since Clementine, the psychic, is having her mind flooded by terrible images of the lunatic slaughtering his victims during the call.

The visual components of Night Caller are dark, even grim, as are the brutal deaths that follow, and this is only in the first segment, the film comes on strong with the intense violence.

After gutting his victims, Mr. Smith proceeds to remove their scalps. This guy is obviously insane, and you can tell straight away that this is a total gore fest. Moments after deciding to carry out his murders, the camera pans back to Clementine and her coworker, who try to reach out and call Smith in an attempt to stop him.

Night Caller 2022 Movie Still

Clementine is presented as a really decent person who goes out of her way to help others, a genuine person who cares about everyone around her, but she can’t get over the phone call from Mr. Smith the night before.

We also meet her father, who is a huge horror movie aficionado. He like horror flicks such as Patrick and Exorcist III. The old man seems totally legit.

It’s worth noticing that there’s a constant film grain effect throughout the picture; it genuinely provides an impact that makes the film appear like an old classic, keeping you gazing at the screen.

The Night Caller filmmakers devoted meticulous attention to detail, and it showed. The aesthetics in the film are excellent.

As the caller evolves, the serial murderer places further phone calls to Clementine throughout the film, up to the point when she has unknowingly helped the maniac avoid his doom by telling him that he would be murdered if he commits his next assault, thus enabling him further.

Night Caller The Movie 2022 Full Review

There are parts in this film that appear to be influenced by Psycho and the Texas chainsaw massacre as the murderer is not your typical slasher; this madman uses scalped hair that he chopped off in his own head as a wig.

You start to feel sorry for Clementine as she is forced to communicate with this scalp-wearing maniac. It is not enough to get the calls; she must also live the killings through her vivid visions of all the occurrences.

For both the audience, the question of why not contact the cops comes to mind. To recap, our hero plainly understands that the cops will laugh it off as a bogus phone psychic scam.

This murderer just keeps getting crazier, I mean, this is the stuff nightmares are made of, he’s gone from scalping to dragging the faces clean off his victims, creating that terrible connection to Leatherface once again.

The killer of Night Caller finally catches up to our Psychic by hiding in the back seat of her car, but Clementine is packing heat and what looks like her sinking a round into Mr. Smith, who is finally getting what he deserves. But wait, the first bullet was a blank, since her father routinely loads a blank as a warning shot in the first round. This sparked a conspiracy theory in my head that the old man was somehow involved in the deaths.

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As the tale progresses, a scenario from her past emerges in which the killer was once a indirect member of the family’s early existence. It is revealed that the killer is tormented by visions of his father, who taught him all of the horrific mutilating procedures while feminizing him to be a small girl. There is also mention of Mr. Smith’s father castrating him when he was a child.

The film is so dark at this point that I was taken aback; I had not anticipated any of this when we received our screening copy.

While I enjoy Night Caller, it must be noted that the film is somewhat harsh, touching on issues that may be deemed sensitive in today’s world. If you do decide to view this film, be aware that it has a dark level of 10 out of 10. If dark gore is your poison then check out Night Caller.

Night Caller has total runtime of 1 hour 24 minutes, it will be available on all major streaming platforms May 13th, 2022(check out our release announcement here).

Susan Priver, Steve Railsback (Lifeforce), Bai Ling (The Crow), Lew Temple (The Devil’s Rejects), Christine Nguyen, Silvia Spross, Kelli Maroney (Night of the Comet), and Robert “Corpsy” Rhine appear in Night Caller. Chad Ferrin wrote and directed Night Caller, which was produced by Robert “Corpsy” Rhine through his Girls and Corpses Films business and Ferrin through Crappy World Films.

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