‘UNDERNEATH An Anthology Of Terror’ Reviewed

Back in November 2021, Horror Facts posted the official press release about ‘UNDERNEATH: An Anthology Of Terror’ and now we have seen the impressive award winning Canadian horror anthology, fully self funded and very much so independent of the strings usually attached to the funding monster, the compilation is not bad at all considering the shoe-string budget. The Canadian Independent Film Festival awarded Underneath Best Actor (Brent Baird) and Best Original Score (Andre Becker) at the 2021 festival.

UNDERNEATH is a grassroots, self-financed anthology comprised of five chapters, an epilogue, and several mind-bending vignettes that are all bound together by something unnatural and sinister.

UNDERNEATH An Anthology Of Terror, is currently making its 2021/2022 run through screenings such as The Psychedelic Film and Music Festival, the Hastings Rocks Film Festival, and the Fortean Film Festival. There has been no official release date for streaming services or physical copies at the time of this review.

It should be known right off the hop that I am not a huge fan of anthology type film’s, however UNDERNEATH does a great job at interconnecting the stories which made it a bit better for me being someone who usually skips anthology movies. In essence when you tune in to the film you are going to be watching five short films in the 1 hour 15 minute runtime.

The Chapters

John Nicol wrote and directed CHAPTER #1, 6 AM. A seemingly loving father of two is on the verge of running out of the medication that keeps his bizarre visions at bay. As Daniel succumbs to a perplexing revelation, visions of murder and demonic power take hold day by day.

ANDRE BECKER wrote and directed CHAPTER #2, Ms. Shapen (SECRET SANTA). A seemingly ordinary television set communicates a killer’s tormented memories.

Chapter #3, PASSAGES, was written and directed by John Nicol. Failure to become an author causes a failed author to realize part of his work triggers intense and insane visions… and that he is capable of inflicting the visions on others as well as himself.

CHAPTER #4, Certain Point Of View, is directed by Cory Ivanchuk and written by John Nicol. An experimental blast of demonic craziness as seen through the eyes of individuals who have been possessed.

Andre Becker wrote and directed CHAPTER #5, I Can Change. A disturbed young guy believes he has the ability to shift into a demonic creature.

Final Thoughts

As I previously stated, I’m not a big fan of the whole combined horror such as the Twilight Zone, V/H/S and the list goes on, but for UNDERNEATH it was enjoyable and a big F*K YEAH for our fellow Canadian film makers, coating the horror world into our maple melted gore infested minds. Great visual effects and amazing sound quality all on an estimated $50,000 budget. If you are a big fan of Canadian Horror and more-so anthology films, then you will not be disappointed with UNDERNEATH.

UNDERNEATH, was an exciting disturbing ride through a blitz of horror shorts combined under one umbrella which comes to its conclusion in Entropy a final sequence that wraps the entire film and gives you a face to face with evil. Check it out when you get the chance.