IN THE BRAND-NEW DOCUMENTARY LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER: SCREAM, YOU WILL LEARN THE TERRIFYING TRUE CRIME STORY THAT SERVED AS THE FOUNDATION FOR THE HIT FILM SERIES SCREAM. This documentary runs for two hours and takes viewers behind the scenes of one of the most popular horror films in the United …

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Terror Train

Highly Anticipated ‘Terror Train’ Arrives on Tubi

A modern adaptation on the 1980 cult classic, TERROR TRAIN follows a small group of graduating college students on a party train that quickly unravels as a masked murderer wreaks havoc on the tracks. Alana (Robyn Alomar) and a group of college seniors board a party train for a Halloween-themed …

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Alone in the Dark 2022 A Tubi Original Film

Alone In The Dark 2022 Terror On Tubi

In a return to its roots, Terror on Tubi presents a brand-new, never-before-seen film, ‘Alone in the Dark 2022’ featuring Novi Brown in the shadows. Both Christopher Bencomo and Terrell Carter are mentioned. In preparation for the scary month of October, it has become tradition to watch the finest free …

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Tubi is Celebrating the Return of ‘Terror on Tubi’

“Terror on Tubi” returns on October 01, with 27,000 hours of content filled with all the haunts, thrills, and frights to celebrate Halloween, including six brand-new Tubi Originals. “Tubi is celebrating the return of our annual scare-fest ‘Terror on Tubi’ with six new Originals and 13,000 horror and thriller titles …

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Music Kills in The Tubi Original Requiem For A Scream

In the brand new Tubi Original film Requiem for a Scream, human suffering is music to your ears.  Requiem for a Scream follows the story of Artemis as she heads up to her family’s lake house to throw a party to celebrate her sister’s life and spread her sister’s ashes in their final …

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Tubi’s Shark Month: Bitefest Returns With A Vengeance

Beginning August 1, Tubi brings back summer favorite SHARK MONTH: BITEFEST, a month-long programming event filled with heart-pumping, action-packed thrills, featuring two new Tubi Originals, ‘Shark Bait’ and ‘Shark Side of the Moon’, plus more than 70 films available to stream on FOX Entertainment’s free streaming service. Kicking off BITEFEST, …

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