The World is Ending in Tubi Original: ‘Eradication’

In the new Tubi original film ‘Eradication,’ an unknown virus has begun to wipe out all human life as we know it. But one man’s blood may hold the answers to finding a cure to this deadly disease.

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The all-new original film from Tubi follows the story of David, a man who has contracted an unknown virus that turns those infected into savage killers. Unlike all the others who have contracted the disease, David doesn’t appear to be showing any outward signs of infection.

Scientists are convinced that something in David’s blood might hold the answers to finding a cure for this virus. To keep him protected from the growing chaos that has begun to ensue in the outside world, David is sequestered in an isolated cabin in the woods.

‘Eradication’ then jumps two years into the future where David has managed to remain in isolation and is still the only one to have contracted the virus and lived.

While in isolation, David has had to maintain a strict regimen in the hope that the scientists studying his blood will one day be able to find a cure for the virus. David’s sole driving force behind his survival is the hope that he may one day be able to return to his wife Sam, one of the epidemiologists that have been studying his blood.

Despite his best efforts, David starts to show cracks in his psyche as he has been forced to live in isolation for so long without any real human contact. His only form of communication has been through video chats with his wife.

His situation is made worse when Sam begins to miss their appointments and David receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown survivor.

At his breaking point, David begins to have strange dreams and finds himself becoming tired of the way he has been treated. This triggers David to refuse his regular blood drop-off, which in turn results in Sam making an impromptu call, but her demeanor appears to have changed.  

David eventually begins to question his surroundings, as it becomes apparent to him that he has been kept in the dark about the growing situation outside his cabin walls. His ignorance of the seriousness of the situation is rocked further when he stumbles across an example of the impact this virus has on people.

Compelled to discover the truth, David begins to wander from the safety of his home. He is faced with the realization that everything he has been told for the past two years has been a lie and those he thought he could trust have been keeping the truth from him.

Watch ‘Eradication’ and find out if the secret to saving humanity truly is in David’s blood. Or is there even anything left to save?

The first act of ‘Eradication’ focuses on David’s struggles while living in isolation: mostly the strict regimen, limited supply of food he has been surviving on, and the almost complete lack of human contact other than the video calls he receives from Sam. His lack of interaction even prompts him to randomly call numbers from a phone book.

It’s in this first act that viewers might struggle, as the story is rather slow with the goal being centered on establishing in the viewer the same sense of isolation David has been subjected to.

The middle of the film changes the pace a bit as it begins to show how David’s world is beginning to unravel. Here we get to see the effects of his prolonged isolation on his mental state. The situation is made worse by the fact that David starts to learn that not everything he has been told has been true. He begins to learn that the world is in much more dire straits than he has been led to believe. It’s also in this act that we get our first sense of action when David stumbles across one of the infected.

It’s not until the final act of ‘Eradication’ that the viewer is given a sense of what is happening in the outside world. Like David, we have been left in the dark about what is going on. Here, the film also delivers a couple of plot twists that supply us with our first real elements of horror.

Despite giving us a taste of horror, the scenes create more questions than scares; questions that we unfortunately never get the answers to.

The biggest is: what exactly does this virus do to people? Due to the limited cast and budget, we only see three cases of the virus, but they couldn’t be further apart, with one closely resembling a zombie while the other two present more like a vampire.

With its slower pace and more character-driven story, ‘Eradication’ will not be for everyone. If you’re a fan of films like ‘The Road,’ where the focus is more on the psychological impact a dystopian future has on its inhabitants, then ‘Eradication’ will be for you.

If you prefer to see a dystopian film that focuses more on the overall carnage of the virus, like in ’28 Days Later,’ then you might have trouble with this one.

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