Check Out The Skin-Crawling Trailer For ‘The Legend of Hawes’

In the upcoming horror-in-the-old-west film, ‘The Legend of Hawes,’ Hell descends on a sleepy mountain town.

The film tells the story of a mountain homestead that finds itself under attack by a group of ravenous marauders. In a plot to exact her revenge, the lone survivor of the attack, a beautiful young woman, hires a dangerous gunman to help her track down the marauders.

Now, together, they must trek to a forbidding mountain only to find that the savage marauders have a deadly secret.

You can check out the skin-crawling trailer for ‘The Legend of Hawes’ below.

YouTube video

The trailer opens with flashes of the group of savage-looking marauders, who undoubtedly wear masks to disguise their hideous appearances.

If, at this point, you’re asking yourself, “Just what are these monsters?” then you’re not alone. Our young heroine wonders, like yourself, just what these things truly are.

All she can tell us is that they come from the mountain; they’re murderous, ravenous marauders; and she won’t stop until they’re sent to hell.   

The remainder of the one-minute and twenty-five-second trailer gives us brief glimpses of the carnage our band of heroes finds themselves up against as they face off against this horde of unspeakable evil.

Will they be victorious in their quest for vengeance, or will they find themselves up against a force too deadly to overcome? Always remember, if you seek revenge, then be certain to dig two graves before you go.

“Quite like The Hills Have Eyes. Action-packed, fans will be cheering as our lead heroes come face to face with the savage group.”

 ‘The Legend of Hawes’ is written and directed by Indie horror filmmaker Rene Perez (The Insurrection, The Snow Queen, Once Upon a Time in Deadwood). The gory outlaw horror film stars Emily Whitcomb (The Vampire and the Vigilante, Serious Profession), Mike Markoff (Escape to the Cove, Death Squad), Richard Tyson (Black Hawn Down, There’s Something About Mary), Karin Brauns (The Obsidian Curse, It Hungers), Emily Grace Turner (The Vampire and the Vigilante), and Tony Jackson (Demon Fighter, Righteous Blood).

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