Ash VS Evil Dead may return

The popular Evil Dead series may be returning.

Campbell has once again lent his voice to the character of Ash for the video game Evil Dead: The Game, which was just recently made available to the public. Now, during a new interview with Collider, Campbell has revealed that there is a possibility that the Ash vs. Evil Dead franchise will continue in the form of an animated feature film, with him providing the voice of Ash!

Perri Nemiroff of Collider questioned Mr. Campbell about whether or not there is any possibility that the story will continue. In response, Campbell said

Yeah, as an animated series. You pick up right where the show left off. You can do the future a lot easier in animation. You know, and I still sound like Ash. My voice hasn’t been as beat-up as my body has been, so I can still do that crap. So I’ll still do the video game and we’re already talking about an animated series.

Bruce Campbell

Seven months after declaring his willingness to play Ash in an animated series based on the Evil Dead films, it appears that Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi, the franchise’s creator, are currently in talks to bring such a project to fruition. Campbell has stated his willingness to voice Ash in an animated series based on the horror film franchise.