The Manny A Tubi Original Film




Lani McCall, played by Joanne Jansen in “Deadly House Call,” is a popular social media chef who is on the verge of landing her own cooking show on television. But because she is a single mother, she needs someone to help care for her little kid, and she ends up getting attracted by a handsome male nanny named Morgan Washington (Michael Evans Behling, “All American”).

Ultimately, she decides to hire him. Lani finds herself developing affections for Morgan, but she has no idea that he is a sick and emotionally stunted “child” who will do anything to obtain the family he was never given.

In the end, the movie seems to be a reimagining of the classic horror film “The Hand That Rocks the Cradle”; nonetheless, despite the fact that the film has some redeeming qualities, the picture in general has been seen before, and there is nothing particularly innovative to be found in The Manny.

Doug Campbell directed it; he already has 49 other directing credits, most of them for TV movies. Writers Tamar Halpern and Scotty Mullen worked on it, who also penned the previous two Sharknado films.

Ashton Ayres, Michael Evans Behling, Luke Charles, Jamaal Grant, Jenny Itwaru, Joanne Jansen, Brendan Morgan, Hailey Summer, L.A. Sweeney, and Ocean Williams are among the actors featured in “The Manny.”

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