Kane Hodder Stars In the Tubi Original Film ‘Tow’

In the new Tubi Original film, ‘Tow,’ Jason Voorhees appears to be taking a page out of Freddy Krueger’s book, as Kane Hodder, the man behind the legendary hockey mask, is haunting his victims’ dreams.

‘Tow’ stars Hodder as The Mechanic, a deranged killer whose atrocities have earned him the distinction of being labeled as one of the worst serial killers of the 21st century.

The film follows twin sisters, Abbie and Maddie, who were the only two victims to survive The Mechanic’s killing spree.

Now, twenty years after he was apprehended, The Mechanic is set to be sentenced to death by means of the electric chair. With the news of his impending death, the twins plan to visit Cedar Creek, the place where it all happened.

But, since the announcement of his execution, Maddie has begun to experience vivid nightmares where she sees herself as her sister Abbie. In each dream, she is kidnapped by The Mechanic and brought back to his murderous tow yard – the very tow yard where the killer would dismember his victims as part of his satanic rituals.

In the meantime, the real Abbie appears to be losing her grasp on reality as she becomes convinced that the killer has been somehow influencing her mind from inside his cell on death row. In her pursuit of the truth, she breaks into The Mechanic’s tow yard to look for answers, but instead finds that she has inadvertently walked directly into the killer’s trap. 

Maddie is faced with the realization that there may be more to the dreams than she initially suspected and she begins to wonder if The Mechanic has some kind of hold on her sister after she suffers through yet another hellish nightmare.

Could Abbie have been right? Could The Mechanic be manipulating her through her dreams? Is this confined killer able to continue his killing spree through Abbie?

Finding herself thrust back into the dream world, Maddie is forced to face off against the man who has haunted her life for the past twenty years if she hopes to break the hold he now appears to have on her sister.

Can Maddie defeat the ruthless killer? Or will she find herself becoming the next unwilling pawn in The Mechanic’s twisted ritual?

With Kane Hodder as the driving force behind the film, viewers can safely assume that ‘Tow’ is, by every account, a slasher movie. Although, as previously mentioned, ‘Tow’ looks to tap into the ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ vibe by having its primary villain working through the use of dreams.

Unlike ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street,’ the killer appears to be using the dreams as a means of manipulating his victims into doing his bidding rather than luring them to sleep so he can inflict his wrath upon them.

The film itself moves back and forth between the past and the present as, throughout the film, we’re given flashes of the fateful night the twins witnessed the murder of their parents at the hands of The Mechanic and narrowly escaped with their own lives.

Along with moving between the two timelines, ‘Tow’ also alternates between the dream world and the real world. This shifting between the two worlds is designed to leave the audience wondering if what they’re seeing is actually happening or if it’s The Mechanic manipulating his victims’ minds. 

Fans of Hodder will have the opportunity to see the legendary horror actor do what he does best as he stalks silently throughout each scene, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. And, although The Mechanic’s preferred weapon of choice is a wrench, you do get the opportunity to see Hodder wielding a machete, the weapon he has become so synonymous with. 

So be warned: the next time you’re broken down on the side of the road, be wary about calling for a tow, for the person coming to help you might just have other intentions in mind. And remember, if he doesn’t get you in real life, he might just see you in your dreams.

‘Tow’ stars Caitlin Gerard as Maddie/Abbie, Abe Bueno-Jallad as Tom, Brian Dare as Ethan, Henry Foster Brown as Detective Scrim, Keziah Wall as Young Abbie, Delyn Wall as Young Maddie, Jerry G. Angelo as Russell, Mike Capozzi as Father, and Kane Hodder as The Mechanic.

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