The original film SHARK SIDE OF THE MOON, part of Tubi’s SHARK MONTH: BITEFEST, is a sci-fi thriller from the same studio that gave us the cult classic “Sharknado” series.

During the time of the Cold War, the Soviet Union created hyper-aggressive humanoid sharks. SHARK SIDE OF THE MOON transports audiences back to that era. The Soviet military scientists were unable to destroy the sharks, so they sent them to the moon instead. A quick jump forward in time brings us to the present day, where we find the first team of American astronauts on the moon in decades tasked with repairing a module discovered on the dark side of the moon. There, the astronauts come across the invincible Russian moon sharks and are forced to endure an epic battle for their lives.

SHARK SIDE OF THE MOON features the acting talents of Reginald William Stalling (“Everyone Wants Theirs”), Maxi Witrak (“Maggie”), Terrance Livingston Jr. (“JoJo & Pitt”), Lydia Hunter (“The Deck”), Konstantin Podprugin (“Walter”), Tania Fox (“Children of Agony”), Michael Austin Deni (“T-Rex Ranch”), Michael Marcel (“Sanador: The Healer”)

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Check out the trailer for Shark Side of The Moon Below.

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