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Terror Train 2 On Tubi Movie Review Will You Take A Ride?

Tubi has, just in time for the new year, produced yet another excellent horror thriller. This year saw the remake of the original Terror Train, and Terror Train 2 is the sequel to that film. Should you ride the rails with Tubi and view their most recent original film? Let’s find out in the Terror Train 2 movie review from Horror Facts.

Fans of horror who were looking for a brand new movie to watch to ring in the new year will find that this movie is a pleasant surprise, and it can be viewed for free on Tubi.

The Synopsis of Terror Train 2

The Terror Train 2 synopsis goes like this. Over a year has passed since the heinous and spiteful murders of many college seniors onboard the now-famous “Terror Train,” and both Robyn Alomar (Alana) and Tim Rozon (The Magician) will reprise their roles as survivors in the sequel, “TERROR TRAIN 2.”

Robyn Alomar stars as Alana, and Tim Rozon will play The Magician. Both actors will appear in TERROR TRAIN 2. In the sequel, the few people who managed to survive are coerced into boarding the same train on New Year’s Eve, when they find a new threat waiting for them and are forced to battle once more in order to make it through the journey alive. Graham Ludlow and Kaleigh Kavanagh are the people responsible for producing TERROR TRAIN 2, and Graham Ludlow, Shari Segal, and Brook Peters are the people serving in the roles of executive producers.

Tubi offers free streaming of Horror Movies to users around the world through ad supported streaming, you can watch Terror Train 2 on Tubi for free.

Tubi, provides users with access to more than 48,000 movies and television shows. Terror Train 2 is one movie of an expanding library of Tubi Originals. Tubi’s user-friendly interface and free horror movie content will appeal to fans of the horror genre.

All Aboard Spoiler Free Review

Before beginning this new movie, you should first finish watching the original remake of “Terror Train” that was produced by Tubi. This is due to the fact that Terror Train 2 has a great deal of backstory and references to the film that came before it, in addition to main characters that are returning to their roles from the film that came before it. Nevertheless, even if you choose not to watch the first one, you should be able to follow what’s going on in the tale.

The all new tubi original film terror train 2 is now streaming here is our review

The first few minutes of the movie take place in a hospital operating room, where Alana, a character from the first Terror Train movie, is refining her autopsy techniques. When Alana expects to see a cadaver on the operating table, but instead sees the face of her companion from the previous movie, who was killed on the Terror Train, she appears to be going through what appears to be survivor’s guilt. This provides us with our first opportunity for a brief jump scare as the body talks to Alana, claiming that Alana is to blame for her death.

The film cuts to Alana and Claudia having a conversation in their flat after the hospital scene. The talk show host, feeding us some backstory and setting up the idea of the film, can be heard on the radio discussing the gruesome events of last year’s train journey and how the body of the killer from the Terror Train had never been located.

Alana thinks Claudia is crazy after she pulls out her phone to show her an event on the Terror Train with the tagline “Kill the old year breath life into the new one.”

Terror Train 2 Cell Phone Event from the movie showing the terror train 2 ride for new years

The two best friends have decided to take the train ride again,(I guess they had to figure out a way to get them back on the train) this time with the knowledge that their past does not have to influence their future. The only way to overcome your anxieties and move past your trauma is to face them head on.

With the film’s premise set—”The two will board the Terror Train on New Year’s Eve”—chaos is guaranteed.

Terror Train 2 stands out visually thanks to its lighting and hyper saturated color scheme, both of which were clearly designed for the film as they appeared in the original(tubi remake of part 1) as well. I found myself enjoying these visual touches because they contributed to the movie’s mood and atmosphere, I feel it captured the intended party effect that is the setting for the train ride.

Terror Train 2 offers an excellent party scene and stunning colors to it's film effect

With loveable returning characters, a pretty good story and excellent visual effects I find that Terror Train 2 is an excellent film to enjoy tonight just before the clock strikes midnight to ring in the new year.

You are going to have to see the movie in order to find out what occurs next in the story because any more information regarding the plot would make the experience less enjoyable. You can watch Terror Train 2 right now on Tubi and find out how the rest of the movie goes.

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The movie gets 3.5 stars from me since it has a fresh take on an old story and brings in new viewers for a franchise that should have had more success in the 1980s.

I’d like to extend my gratitude to the folks at Tubi, who arranged for Horror Facts to see a preview of a film I thoroughly appreciated.

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Daniel Grodnik’s nightmare was the source of inspiration for his 1980 film, “Terror Train.” Following the viewing of the Halloween (1978) movie.