Terror Train 2 On Tubi Movie Review Will You Take A Ride?

Terror Train 2 Movie Review Exclusive from Tubi Streaming Service

Tubi has, just in time for the new year, produced yet another excellent horror thriller. This year saw the remake of the original Terror Train, and Terror Train 2 is the sequel to that film. Should you ride the rails with Tubi and view their most recent original film? Let’s find out in the Terror Train 2 movie review from Horror Facts. Fans of horror who were looking for a brand new movie to watch … Read The Full Article

Terror Train 2 Comes to Tubi New Years Eve TRAILER

Terror Train 2 on Tubi

Tubi made the exciting announcement in November that it would be streaming an all new original film titled “Terror Train 2.” The release date of this eagerly awaited sequel is soon coming and will be on this New Year’s Eve. Synopsis: After more than a year has passed since the vicious and vindictive killings of several college seniors onboard the now-famous “Terror Train,” both Robyn Alomar (Alana) and Tim Rozon (The Magician) will reprise their … Read The Full Article

Tubi Officially Announces Terror Train 2 Sequel

In collaboration with Incendo, Tubi is laying the tracks for Terror Train 2, an upcoming sequel to its recent remake of the cult classic horror film Terror Train, set to premiere this New Year’s Eve. Having survived the carnage, Robyn Alomar (Alana) and Tim Rozon (The Magician) will reprise their characters in Terror Train 2, which takes place over a year after the gruesome, vengeful murders took the lives of multiple college seniors aboard the … Read The Full Article