Get Ready for Some School Spirit with ‘Tales From Middleton High’

Ready for another academic year? If that sounds like you, then you should watch the brand new movie, Tales From Middleton High, now playing on Tubi. Whether you’re still in high school or have happy memories of your time there, this anthology-style horror flick will have something for you to fear. This anthology film is bound to bring back some memories, with a twist, thanks to its wide range of short films depicting all aspects of high school life. Prepare yourselves for some truly creepy school spirit.

Awful cheerleading, creepy choreography, and horrifying production values in the school play… Middleton High School is commonly regarded as the most haunted high school in the United States, so make sure to pay attention to Principal Clemens as she tells the horrible events that took place.

“We just completed our first full length film.” “Middleton High is a world we have been building for years…and it represents our signature style – Pop Horror.”

Zach Lorkiewicz – Director

The short stories that are collected in Tales from Middleton High feature an unmistakable blend of cheesy B-movie cliches with an intriguing, contemporary high school setting. Pep, I Love Lucy, The Cheerleader Trials, The Ball, and Loveless are the names of the five short films that are included in this movie. These films tell stories of nefarious cheerleaders, dangerous prom queens, poetic justice, and shady grudges.

Tales From Middleton High Movie

In spite of the fact that the movie is categorized and indexed as a horror picture, I did not find it to be one. The director explained that this type of horror is known as “pop-horror” and is more comparable to the style of Scream Queens on a much lower budget in my opinion.

The movie wasn’t terrible; it had some good points, and the recurrence of many of the same characters made the anthology bearable for someone like me, who typically avoids the anthology genre.

The film features Avril Dominguez, Roxanne Saylor, Danielle Laude, Brittany Lewis, Anjali Nath, Hannah Shealy, and Sarah J. Bartholomew. It was written and directed by Zach Lorkiewicz, with Grace Hahn and Dylan DeLuca serving as producers.

Check out Tales From Middleton High on Tubi to experience what the director calls Pop-Horror you just might like it.

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