Alone In The Dark 2022 Terror On Tubi

In a return to its roots, Terror on Tubi presents a brand-new, never-before-seen film, ‘Alone in the Dark 2022’ featuring Novi Brown in the shadows. Both Christopher Bencomo and Terrell Carter are mentioned.

In preparation for the scary month of October, it has become tradition to watch the finest free streaming horror experiences on terror on Tubi. We anticipate the Fox streaming giant adding several more films to the horror movie roster this year, including the all new Alone in the Dark 2022.

From MarVista Entertainment comes the story of Bri (Novi Brown, “Sistas”), a recently divorced woman who is placed under house arrest as a result of the criminal actions of her ex-husband Michael (Christopher Bencomo, “The Rookie”). After encountering a mysterious stalker who seems in charge of her environment, she must deal with the challenge of learning the truth. Brant Daugherty (“Pretty Little Liars”) directs and co-wrote ALONE IN THE DARK with his wife Kimberly Daugherty (“A Christmas Movie Christmas”), Terrell Carter (“Empire”), and Malcolm Goodwin (“Reacher”). David Sweeney (“In a Relationship”) and Marianne C. Wunch (“A Job to Die For”) serve as executive producers, along with Larry Grimaldi (“The Curious Case of Dolphin Bay”), Hannah Pillemer (“Stay Awake”), Fernando Szew (“Rounding”), and Marianne C. Wunch (“Rounding”).

Check out the trailer below for Alone in the Dark 2022.

YouTube video

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